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This finding has been reported time and again. The best approach to college admissions testing is to make it optional, as nearly 1,000 colleges and universities already do. Or eliminate it.

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Study Finds High School Grades are a Strong Predictor of College Readiness for Recent Graduates from Both Urban and Rural Areas

Portland, OR – A new study by Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Northwest has found that high school GPA was better than college entrance exam scores at predicting college course grades for recent Alaska high school graduates from both urban and rural areas.

The study focused on nearly 18,000 first-time University of Alaska students who enrolled between fall 2008 and spring 2012, and it examined how well high school GPA predicted readiness for college by timing of college entry and whether students came from rural or urban hometowns.

“A common concern around using high…

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A study shows that low-income students improve academically with more spending. This raises questions about funding equity.

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Source: Higher Spending Boosts Academic Performance At Low-Income Schools, Study Says

An Education Department report finds a dramatic increase in prison spending over education funding. Before leaving office the Obama administration called for a reprioritization.

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Source: Report: Spending On Incarceration Far Outpacing School Funding

We don’t have time to mourn; we have to prepare. Mourning is not something that’s part of the strategy moving forward. You have to…

Read, learn, explore and form your own opinion because…Knowledge IS Power!

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Source: [THE WAY FORWARD] It’s Time to Get Organized

President Obama relaunched his website,, and he and the former First Lady are set to work together as private citizens.

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Source: Guess Who’s Bizzack? Relaunches Site, Will Work With FLOTUS