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President Obama’s Greatest Accomplishments | News One


Great story about the AHS Class S Championship and the legacy of A -Town Football. #Charger4Life

NEW BRITAIN – The legend is bathed in history but it does not rest with yesterday. It continually breathes today and you just shake your head and maybe offer a wry smile and a salute not just for what was but what continually is.
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There are plenty of real moments in the Obama presidency, but NewsOne has gathered the best for your viewing pleasure.

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Source: POP OFF! 15 Of President Obama’s Realest Moments

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s leadership, accomplishments, and commitment to education show us that being smart is the new cool.

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Source: Dear Mr. And Mrs. Obama, Thank You For Making Smart Sexy!

Mercedes Schneider reports that Jerry Falwell Jr. was offered the job as Secretary of Education before Betsy DeVos. Trump, never known in the past to be a man of religious faith, shows how little importance he attaches to education. First, the unqualified Falwell, then the unqualified DeVos.

via Mercedes Schneider: Jerry Falwell Jr. Was Offered the Job Before Betsy DeVos — Diane Ravitch’s blog

Tavis Smiley: The NRA Means Not Really for African Americans | TIME

Through alternative formative assessment, teachers can check for student understanding without falling back on the tedious or intimidating pop quiz. Read, learn, explore and form your own opinion because. . . . Knowledge IS Power! Terri Goldson, Sr.


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