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Reaching Students: 18 Simple Ways To Make A Lasting Impact On Your Students, including ideas, tips, and strategies.

Terri Goldson‘s insight:


Making a connection with students within a classroom setting is very important. Occasionally, it can make a difference between success and failure. Most teachers are inherently good at it and utilize many of the suggestions but for those that are not, read, use and infuse.   …Knowledge IS POWER!

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Change in the realm of education is constant but the current reform movement is different. It is another phase that will come, be revised, refined and eventually replaced by the next big theoretical idea. Time will tell! ….Knowledge IS Power!

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In this post, a veteran teacher with 30 years of experience explains why she had to retire. She didn’t want to. But the obsession with data-based decision-making finally broke her spirit.

She recounts incidents where she was able to help students, where students gave her their trust, where classes learned to love literature as she did. She remembers staff meetings devoted to lessons and students, not to data analysis. As all the rewarding parts of her work were eliminated, she realized that the reforms made it I possible to do what she loved est: to teach.

She writes:

“I remember a time when department meetings, faculty meetings, and in-service days revolved around reading, sharing ideas, learning about our subjects—and not around the only topics that seem to matter today: lesson plan format, testing, rubrics, teacher evaluations and technological gimmicks. Watch your back! If you don’t conform it will be…

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The potential the evaluation process holds has been diminished by the rush to implement. It takes time to reflect on practice and have discussions about changing behaviors.

Terri Goldson‘s insight:

The controversy over the new teacher evaluation process is heating up. Was it designed to improve instructional practices or is it just another top down process that will need further refinement. Regardless of the overall intent, we must implement it with the hopes that instruction improves and courageous conversations take place to improve student outcomes. Knowledge IS POWER!

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This article has been floating around for a while but it never grows old. Controversy follows this man and that’s what makes him popular in some venues. If you are a Rush fan enjoy it, if you are not, read and learn. Knowledge IS Power!

In your family life don’t become content nor complacent. Knowledge IS Power! Terri D. Goldson


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There is one word that can destroy all families and that word is content. C-O-N-T-E-N-T! Content as in comfortable or relaxed.

Being content is our Community’s fundamental flaw. One achievement and we believe we have arrived. One set back and we are no longer willing to make an effort. Whether it’s people, money or jobs we have a tendency to forget good or bad it is just one outcome of one day of what we hope will be a long life.

This shortsightedness leads to contentment. Contentment causes us to treat life as a destination rather than what it truly is – a journey.

Life is not about being content. Life is not static, fixed or unchanging. Life is not about what you undertook yesterday.

Life is about action. Life is about today and how you plan to improve upon tomorrow, if you are blessed with a tomorrow. Life is…

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2014 will be your year for health, wealth, wisdom, peace and spiritual growth. Knowledge IS Power!


I’m sure by now many of us would have thought about or even have decided on a resolution to achieve something in 2014. This article is meant to give an insight into making a faith filled New Year.

It shouldn’t come as surprise to us that the majority of us would have abandoned and even seen failure with resolutions by the end of January. In fact research indicates that 80% of us would have broken our resolves by January 31! Sadly only 5% of us would have continued in our quest to see through the resolution by year end. At the end of day when we prepare our New Year resolution, we are half-hearted about it. The major cause of failed resolutions is our expectation of success or level of confidence of achieving our objective. Simply put, if you expect to fail, it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy and if…

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82 quotes have been tagged as literacy: Mark Twain: ‘The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.’, Francois Mauriac: ‘If you…

Terri Goldson‘s insight:

Literacy is the key to learning! Parents should read to their children daily and encourage them to independently read a book, newspaper, magazine, comic book or any book that interests them. Reading is fundamental and Knowledge IS Power!

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