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President Obama’s Greatest Accomplishments | News One


There are plenty of real moments in the Obama presidency, but NewsOne has gathered the best for your viewing pleasure.

Read, learn, explore and form your own opinion because …. Knowledge IS Power!                       Click on the site/source below and read the entire story.  Terri D. Goldson Sr.

Source: POP OFF! 15 Of President Obama’s Realest Moments

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s leadership, accomplishments, and commitment to education show us that being smart is the new cool.

Read, learn, explore and form your own opinion because … Knowledge IS Power!    Click on the Site/Source below and read the full story. Terri D. Goldson Sr.

Source: Dear Mr. And Mrs. Obama, Thank You For Making Smart Sexy!

America has gone mad!

Posted: August 19, 2016 in African American, faith, politics

Tavis Smiley: The NRA Means Not Really for African Americans | TIME

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The potential the evaluation process holds has been diminished by the rush to implement. It takes time to reflect on practice and have discussions about changing behaviors.

Terri Goldson‘s insight:

The controversy over the new teacher evaluation process is heating up. Was it designed to improve instructional practices or is it just another top down process that will need further refinement. Regardless of the overall intent, we must implement it with the hopes that instruction improves and courageous conversations take place to improve student outcomes. Knowledge IS POWER!

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This article has been floating around for a while but it never grows old. Controversy follows this man and that’s what makes him popular in some venues. If you are a Rush fan enjoy it, if you are not, read and learn. Knowledge IS Power!