Remember why you became a principal in the first place.

by Trevor Muir on October 24, 2018

When you first started your grad school program, you had a clear image of what your role as a principal would be like. You would create a staff environment where teachers would collaborate, work hard, and have fun. Students in your school would feel safe and experience a joyful atmosphere where learning is embraced and transformative. PTA meetings would be the highlight of each month because you know the amazing work that can be accomplished when parents are involved in school. Even being a part of a district leadership team committed to exceptional learning was exciting. You got into this work because you knew the importance of school leadership and were finally ready take on the role of principal.

Then one of your new teachers showed up to your office crying because a veteran teacher has been putting her down. For the fourth time in a month, you’ve been contacted by parents about their kid being bullied in your hallways. Parents aren’t showing up for PTA meetings. Teachers are sending emails asking someone to replace them on a committee because they are sick of it. District leadership only wants to talk about test scores and budget concerns. Throw in the fact that you are constantly having to heighten school safety and bear the pressure of keeping your entire campus protected.

This is not what you expected …..

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