The American education system is undergoing rapid changes, growth, and even attacks. It feels like every month the government introduces a new piece of legislation to alter how schools operate. Public education is regularly attacked by media, politicians, and even the people who are supposed to be leading it. Additionally, school shootings are more frequent than ever, many states are experiencing severe teacher shortages, and all the while kids still need a strong education to succeed in this world. School leaders can have a tremendous impact on how schools adapt in turbulent times and to dramatic changes. The success of any education program depends on all its parts: teachers, support staff, facility personnel, etc. However, it’s strong school leaders who help all the parts work together and move the school in the right direction. Here’s why we need strong school leaders now more than ever.

Strong school leaders stand against attacks on our schools. Back in April when Kentucky teachers held a strike and marched on the state capitol, elementary school principal Gerry Brooks marched along with them. Brooks has an entirely different contract than his staff of teachers. But unfair pay and working conditions for teachers affects him as well. A staff that feels beaten down and underappreciated hurts the school as a whole. Gerry Brooks stood in solidarity with his teachers to let them know that they have his support.

Principals are often the public representatives of their schools. They speak at the school board meetings. They talk to the media. Principals petition for the needs of their staff and students. In a country where the secretary of education has made it clear that she does not believe in public schools, school leaders are the voices to say that public schools are necessary. Principals point out the successes happening in schools and work toward creating more of that success.

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