Schools across the country are panicking because their funding is tied to graduation rates and test scores. Having too many underachieving students can result in deep budget cuts and lower grades for schools. One ethnic group that has historically scored low on standardized tests is African American students and the official name for this disparity is The Black Achievement Gap. There are many systemic reasons why this gap exists. I am authoring several articles that will highlight some of the problems and offer strategies that Black parents can use to assist them in ensuring their children achieve in schools, schools that often do not understand their needs. This is one and here are some suggestions:

“Educators can no longer put our children in a box. One size does not fit all.”


The most important time for brain development in children is from birth to 2-years of age. One of the essential things a parent can do to guarantee the success of their child is to begin reading to them as soon as they can hear in utero, at about 18 weeks into the pregnancy.

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