Blogger Keith Balmer, The NFL Needs Its Head Examined” hits the NFL, football as a whole and sports with a crushing, truthful and thought provoking commentary regarding injuries, player safety and long term brain injury. Player safety must become a priority over revenue, winning and for the sake of the game…any and all games.

Football injury

Read excerpt: On Wednesday, Robert Griffith III had surgery for a total reconstruction of his right knee to repair a torn ACL and LCL. He had a similar reconstruction on the same knee three years ago when he was a sophomore at Baylor University.

I loved what Sally Jenkins, sports columnist for the Washington Post, said in a column she wrote this past week:

“There is no confusion over Robert Griffith III’s knee – and there never was. The Washington Redskins drafted a healthy, thrilling young player and by the time they got done using him up, he lurched around like a pirate with a peg leg.”

But she could have said that about any NFL player. Once the sport is done using them up, most of them lurch around with broken bodies and shattered souls.

Our society demands injury of the few, for the entertainment of the many.

Keith Balmer

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